In the heart of Rome, very close to the Vatican,
in Via Vespasiano 20/22

To the quality of products we would like to combine the quality of premises, of the offered service and of the employed staff. The points of sale will be selected, so to assure – to the operators-managers – the certainty of an high profitability.
The distribution of new sales points will be therefore studied with the “franchises” who will present themselves, in order to verify with Them the existence of all feasibility conditions.
Once the location will be chosen, to the “Franchisee” will be required only a minimum investment to acquire the main furniture elements.
The Franchisor will offer his experience and assistance to permit the “Franchisee” a faster start of takings.
It is also estimated an advertising campaign to be held on the spot.

Franchising formula


Detailed information and descriptions of the franchising system will be sent, if required, by e-mail or through a direct meeting.
Victoria sas reserves to evaluate the affiliation proposals also through a request of data to the interested subjects, before sending specific proposals and forms for the franchising.
All information contained in this document is therefore aimed towards the knowledge of the proposed franchising system, without ascribing to it any contractual value.
No experience nor specific skill is required. In fact, Victoria sas will provide targeted training courses both for the managers and for the employed staff.

General Data

Suggested locations:

  • Great shopping centres
  • Stations and airports
  • City centres

Dimensions and surfaces of premises:
From 40 to 80 square metres

Necessary staff:
From 2 to 5 units

Franchising formulas:
Formula 1: Franchisee responsible and net manager (ten sale points minimum)
Formula 2: Franchisee responsible and manager of a sale point

More detailed data, concerning sales/turnover for sale point, required warranties, etc. will be provided during a direct contact.


Free provisions Chargeable provisions
Training courses
Furniture plan
Realization of internal furniture
Plants and systems


The town in which the sale point will be located has to have not less than 40.000 (settled) inhabitants, or 80.000 (seasonal) inhabitants if sited in seaside and/or holiday location.