In the heart of Rome, very close to the Vatican,
in Via Vespasiano 20/22

What are we looking for?

A master franchisee, possibly of food sector, who have a franchise in a town, region, Country, according to the number of inhabitants. Who have a direct contact with “Gusto Italy” mother company, who foster the opening in his competence area of several sales points managed and attended by local franchisees.

What do we ask Master Franchisee?

  1. A place in a refrigerated warehouse in order to preserve the frozen products once they’ve arrived from Italy by container (about 40 square metres)
  2. A premise of about 50-60 sq. m. where to produce handmade ice-cream. This premise has to be equipped with a single creaming machine and a cold store.
  3. A van equipped to carry the cold products from these premises to the sale points.

The sales points will be managed directly by the local franchisees, therefore the master franchisee will have the supervision of all the sales points of the assigned area.

What does the Master Franchisee earn?

The master franchisee earns on the products sale. Moreover, he will have incentives on the new stores that will be open, as well as a rewarding scale for the achieved targets.

Which will be the economic engagements of the Master Franchisee?

  1. The renting of a part of refrigerated warehouse;
  2. The delivery of the product to the sales points;
  3. The renting of a 40/50 sq.m. commercial premises where to install a creaming machine (produced in Italy) for the production of the handmade ice-cream, whose cost is about 18.000 euro. This premises will have to be equipped with a cold store whose cost is variable according to the Country.